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Dr. Dean Li


Interview with the CEO

Dr. Dean Li is Chief Technology Officer of SIMONA AMERICA Group, in addition being to Chief Executive Officer of SIMONA Boltaron, where his responsibilities cover manufacturing, technology and executive leadership. His technical expertise and strong commitment to continuous improvement have proved instrumental in driving SIMONA Boltaron forward. 

SIMONA Boltaron has transformed from being a low-margin commodity supplier with a broad product range, to a high-margin specialist in the aviation business. How was this accomplished?


Having entered the right market at the right time, SIMONA Boltaron has enjoyed the growth of the aviation business in a sector with few competitors. By concentrating on our core business, we’ve been able to fine-tune our processes and focus on a few key components, such as rapid changeovers, waste reduction and fast delivery. The continuous improvement of our production methods has resulted in shorter lead times and greater customer satisfaction. SIMONA Boltaron has effectively developed several new products that have entered the market.


What do you consider your key factors for success?

Considering the customer, understanding their needs, developing exceptional engineering solutions and delivering outstanding customer service from conception to end product and delivery are key.

SIMONA Boltaron has experienced double-digit growth every year for the past five years under your leadership. How have you been able to achieve such consistent results?

Teamwork, focusing on a few key principles and a little bit of luck, united under a leadership style that aspires to empower other people, giving them a vision and guidelines, but letting them set their own goals, continues to foster improvement and success at SIMONA Boltaron.

What is your leadership philosophy and how has it impacted the way you do business?

“Average leaders raise the bar on themselves; good leaders raise the bar for others; great leaders inspire others to raise their own bar” – Orrin Woodward

SIMONA Boltaron has concentrated on developing a strong team culture. By focusing on key principles for success, individuals are able to utilize their specific strengths to focus on what is right and what is wrong, rather than who is right and who is wrong, forming a fundamental piece of the puzzle: trust. This trust has transformed the business, allowing SIMONA Boltaron to focus on understanding customer needs and desires.